• Mr. Franz Sandner — one from Germany Schnbach (Senba He) family of instruments of production, the famous brands are: Franz Sandner full range of musical instruments; SCHREIBER, KEILWERTH Band; August Forster Forster piano; WINTER, PUCHNER, LAUSMANN , KLIER musical instrument accessories.
  • The SANDNER company was founded by Franz Sandner at Schönbach, Germany in 1924. After the Second World War, the company moved to Nauheim and starts again like many other famous music companies...
  • Mr. Franz Sandner — 一个来自德国 Schnbach (森巴赫)的乐器生产家族,著名的品牌有 : Franz Sandner全系列乐器产品;SCHREIBER、KEILWERTH管乐;August Forster福斯特钢琴;WINTER、PUCHNER、 LAUSMANN、KLIER乐器配件。